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Summary: On one rare sunny morning in Forks, Bella receives two visitors who will turn her life and the life of the Cullens upside down once again... and she's not the only one, who'll get some surprising news...

Blue Moon

Crossover with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Buffy post season 7, the comic of season 8 will be disregarded.

The sun disappeared behind the horizon and I wondered fleetingly, as I gazed into my fiancés face, if this was the last time I saw the sunlight sparkle on his skin. I kept looking into his eyes, trying to memorize the loving look he gave me, until I could hear the growls in the distance.

I offered him one last smile, before I let go of his hand and turned my full attention to the danger ahead. I tightened the grip on my weapon. It almost vibrated in my hands.

They were here.

It was time to fight.

ffn twilighted

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