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About Me

My real name is Jennifer, but my fanfic name is Chandrakanta. I chose that name years ago because I'm a huge fan of supernatural, especially vampire stories. While the name itself isn't associated with the supernatural, it means "loved by the moon," which I figured could apply to the traditional vampires that are "hated by the sun" and "loved by the moon."

I'm an admin for Fanatic Fanfics and began the process of creating this website on October 17, 2015. Shameless plug: I'm co-owner and web designer for Most Wanted Web Services, Inc. If you or someone you know needs a professional, affordable website, contact us! We're also hiring sales reps.

Returning to the subject, I'm an avid reader of fan fiction stories—I've been doing so since the early 2000's (although I suppose it could be even earlier if you include published fan fiction in the form of American Gothic, Buffy/Angel, and Star Wars novels). As my finances have become limited to the point that I can't buy new books, my reading of free fan fiction has become exclusive over the past few years, however.

I will recommend any fanfic here that I've read from start to finish. Some I've enjoyed more than others and will often go back to re-read, but you'll find all of them I've read here. I mostly read long (novel-length), multi-chapter stories, with some occasional shorter stories thrown in. While I've read the occasional one-shots or drabbles, they're not my favorites and you won't find too many among my recs here. Most of the stories I'll share here are completed stories, but I will share a few incomplete stories if they happen to be the kind that I find myself happy to read and re-read even when incomplete.

So far I've mostly read stories in the following fandoms: American Gothic, Angel, Bones, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed, Dark Angel, Harry Potter, Highlander, Star Wars, Stargate, Supernatural, The Originals, The Vampire Diaries, and Twilight (including some crossovers).

I probably won't recommend many of the popular stories here, especially all human stories in the Twilight fandom. I've tried reading several, but with a few exceptions, I've ended up flouncing most that I've tried reading. For one, I personally prefer supernatural and sci-fi stories. For another, I just don't like the way the characters tend to be written in a lot of all human stories. I also flounce excessively smutty stories as they almost always bore me to the point that reading becomes a chore. If there's not enough substance (plot) to the story, it's not worth my time.

However, don't despair, as I'm not the only admin here. If your reading preferences lean toward Twilight all human stories, our admins Cloemarrie or Hapakids may have a rec for you!

Aside from reading, I'm also a beta (copy editor) and banner/manip artist. I've also created several blogs and ebooks for fandom fundraisers. I sporadically dabble in writing, although my time to write among everything else I'm involved in is rather sparse.

~ Chandrakanta

My Contributions


I don’t really consider myself a writer. I generally prefer to read, but every once in a while I get an idea in my head and decide to write it out. Most of my stories aren’t yet complete and I can’t guarantee when or if they ever will be. I write when I feel like it and don’t adhere to anyone’s schedule except my own. Consider that fair warning and read at your own risk. That being said, I try to write each chapter so that it can stand up on its own merit, whether I add additional chapters later or not.

You can find my stories primarily on AO3, FictionPad, & TWCS.


You can see samples of my artwork on my Facebook page: Chandrakanta's Banners & Manips.


In addition to my banner & manip art, I also beta fan fiction stories. If you’re looking for a beta, feel free to contact me!

* Note: I cannot commit to any more multi-chapter stories at the moment, but am happy to assist with one-shots.

– What kind of stories will I beta? –

I will beta any of the fandoms listed on My Fandoms tab, but I'm open to other supernatural, fantasy, or sci-fi fandoms as well.

For story types, I’m quite flexible. I’ll beta canon, AR/AU, and all human (although I usually prefer AR/AU). I prefer not to beta stories where the main pairing cheat on each other, any excessively angst-ridden, or excessively fluffy stories. I would also prefer not to beta any BDSM stories. While there are a few BDSM stories I’ve liked, there are many I don’t, and I like to reserve the right to flounce. I am currently open to beta other types of D/s relationships (ex: age play, domestic discipline, etc.).

– My credentials as a Beta –

In addition to fan fiction, I spent a year as a copy editor with Renaissance Romance Publishing. With them, I edited a variety of stories, mostly modern all-human, but some other genres as well, with both M/F and M/M romance.

I am fluent in modern American English, but have familiarized myself with much of the grammar, slang, and idioms used in Australian and British English as well. When I beta anything historical, I can assist with the language use by researching the etymology of words and phrases.

– How I Beta –

I use the same method for editing fan fiction as I do novels.

In MS Word, I use Track Changes, under the Review tab, which will show all the changes I make, whether it’s fixing spelling, rewriting a sentence to flow better, fixing punctuation, etc. Under the Review tab, you will be able to Accept or Reject all or some of the changes I make. I will also occasionally use the comments when I want to explain the changes I make.

In OpenOffice, I use the same method as I use in MS Word, it’s just called Record, instead of Track Changes, and is found on the main menu, under Edit – Changes.

I will also beta in Google Docs if necessary, but prefer MS Word or OpenOffice if possible. In Google Docs, I will overwrite anything you’ve written that needs editing, then highlight the changes and leave comments. To see the changes made, or revert back, you need to go to File – See Revision History.

My Fandoms

So far I've mostly read stories in the following fandoms: American Gothic, Angel, Bones, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed, Dark Angel, Harry Potter, Highlander, Star Wars, Stargate, Supernatural, The Originals, The Vampire Diaries, and Twilight (including some crossovers).

I've written in Angel/BtVS, Twilight, and Warehouse 13 (crossover).

Currently, I'm most interested in Angel/BtVS and Bones, along with possible crossovers.

I'm rather anti-Twilight at the moment. I beta a couple fanfics in the fandom, but otherwise I avoid the fandom and characters as much as possible. I've enjoyed quite a few fanfics in that fandom in the past, so I hope my current antipathy toward the fandom is temporary.

Notice board

Chandrakanta on 02 November 2015 at 20:33

The start of the story I'm working on has been posted. Just as with my other stories, I can't promise when there will be a new update available as I'm kept very busy and have very little time to write. However, I will say I have more motivation to continue this story than I do any of the stories I attempted in the Twilight fandom. Hopefully that means the next chapter will be ready sooner rather than later!

Summary: Unable to deal with the guilt he feels regarding the actions of his demon, Angel seeks a slayer to end his life. Instead of granting his wish, she sends him on a new quest to use his power for good, leading him to his first challenge at the Hyperion Hotel. There, he learns the full scope of the gypsies’ curse and regains family he thought lost.




Chandrakanta on 21 October 2015 at 19:58

I'm currently reading the following WIP: Broken Arrow by Gabrielle (AO3)

FRT-13/PG-13 | Romance/Drama | WIP

*Set in BTVS S3 after Helpless* When being fired by the Watchers Council doesn't end Giles's commitment to his Slayer, a jealous Ethan Rayne decides to take matters into his own hands. Unfortunately, it seems he never learned that even a Chaos Mage can't control the chaos that ensues when a spell is performed while under the influence of a very liquid sort of spirit... and Willow and Angel are about to serve as an object lesson.

It can also be read at:



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See my community profile for my complete bio.

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