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So the picture is of my of my dog, who is also named Amber. She's a rescue and I love her more than I can tell you. Basically, if it wasn't for her I would have fallen into some dark times. We pretty much saved each other.


I write. A lot. All the time. I can't help it. My mind just gets so full of all these characters who want to do so much. That's why I'm currently working on more than twenty fanfictions, and a novel of my own. I know, that's insane, but like I said, I can't help it. I watch a movie or TV show, or I read a book, and I think 'I could chamge this'. It's a problem, I get it, but it's a problem I'm inlove with.

I hate having favourites, but my fav fanfiction of my own has got to be my 'The Walking Dead' fanficitons. A series of stories that follow the show with my own original character thrown into the mix. I've actually won two awards for the series.

My Vampire Diaries fanfics are pretty popular too, but I've kinda put them to the side for now seeing as my love for The Walking Dead has taken over (more than even I'm comfortable with, but once again I can't help it).

If anyone wants to check out my stuff, you can find me on FanFiction.net under the same pen name :):)

So back to me...

I'm 21 (as my profile says). I live with my grandparents, and should be starting university next year (still waiting for that acceptance letter). I'll be studying psychology, and criminology. I love how the mind works, and I wouldn't mind doing the kinds of things Sweets (from Bones) and Eastman (from TWD) does. But don't worry, I haven't based my future on two fictional characters. I've also been inspired by my brother, who is a therapist.

I'm a sucker for romance, but yet I do not believe in real love. Used to. I was a huge romantic. Hopelessly inlove with the idea of love. But my dad is a serial dater, my mum is getting married for the third time and the only guy I ever liked/dated cheated on me, dumped me before I could find out, then dated my best friend, and proceeded to cheat on her with my other best friend on his girlfriend's birthday... So it's safe to say, I keep the romance in my writing and out of my reality.

... I have now run out of things to say. But I'll probably think of more later (I'm a nonstop talker, and an over sharer). But until then, see ya

Bamby :):) xox

My Contributions

I'm a writer 24/7. Can't get enough of it!

Once my laptop died (and I mean, it was complete and utterly, irrovocably dead), it had been awhile since I'd had to write by hand, but I couldn't not write. Let me tell you, that was horrible. My hand was killing me!!

Anyway, back to it...

Like I said, I'm a writer. I mainly registered to this website because for the last two years I've been nominated for (and won) a few awards.

If you wanna read my stuff, I'm here,


and here,



I'm also a reader, but not as much as I used to be. I used to hate reading (don't kill me). My mum and brother's read all the time, and I thought it was stupid. But then my friend brought a book to school and I fell in love with a character on the front cover. So I gave the book a go, and the rest is history.

If it wasn't for the book, and my friend, I would have never started reading, which means I would have never started writing.



My Fandoms

The Walking Dead

Sons of Anarchy

Vampire Diaries

Vampire Academy


Night World

Once Upon a Time

American Horror Story


Buffy the Vampire Slayer



The list goes on and on. I love pretty much everything and anything.


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