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I have beta read 1 complete fic and some of another... (not many people asked yet ...) Though I prefer to beta what I've read before so I can follow the story better and give actual ideas to the author ...

I Love Reading the following Fanfic types:

HP, Sailor Moon, Naruto, BLEACH, Yu-Gi-Oh!, NCIS, Twilight, Vampire Diaries, Originals, Merlin (TV Series), Chrono Crusade, Rise of the Guardians, FullMetal Alchemist, X-Men, Marvel ... and a few more ... And Crossovers of basically ALL of the above!! at the moment mainly with HP...

Some of  my fave crossovers are: HP/SAO, HP/Pokemon, HP/Twilight, HP/LOTR, HP/HSHC, HP/Kuroshitsuji, HP/BLEACH, HP/Percy Jackson, HP/Avengers(Marvel Universe), HP/Kyo Kara Maoh, HP/NCIS, HP/Naruto, HP/Fruits Basket, VD/twilight, Originals/twilight, Sailor Moon/(well a few other anime) and maybe some more ...

I read mainly Slash I guess though I do read lots of Het too ... well balanced ~hehe

My Contributions


I some of the types of fanfic I've read in the "About Me" section ...

I'd prefer to beta those that I've already read so I know the type of characters/story so I'd be able to give better input! (e.g. HP Universe ~ read a Lot of HP fanfic over the years)

Though I mainly focus correcting the Punctuation, Grammer and Spelling than the actual story. Though I will give my ideas of opinion of the characters.


I DO NOT DO HORROR Stories of ANY Kind!! not my type of Genre ~ can do others though but if it is overly scary nope-no can do! ... For some reason I can tolerate some Vamp fics but No Zombies!!!


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