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  • It's Blood, not Brains by ashes at midnight

    Summary: A collection of Spike/Drusilla one-shots. Set pre-series and during BtVS. Will include original scenes and those inspired by episodes of the series.
  • Blindfold by Gabrielle

    Summary: A routine patrol through an L.A. cemetery turns out to be anything but routine, leaving Angel with a serious problem and only one person he can trust to come to his rescue: Willow. *Set in the summer between Seasons 3 and 4 of BTVS and just...
  • My Childe by sabershadowkat

    Summary: After finding Spike in The Initiative's labs, Buffy sends him to Angel in LA to aid in his recovery and keep him hidden from their enemies.
  • Two Bodies in Denial by sarramaks

    Summary: Booth and Brennan compete against the weather and other factors to catch a killer before another life is taken, and step out of denial of their feelings.
  • Snowstorm of Memories by Rose Melissa Ivashkov

    Summary: A man and his fiance are told she has a limited time to live.
  • A Song In Their Hearts by ashes at midnight

    Summary: A collection of Darla/Angel/Angelus one-shots. Various settings including pre-series, LA, and Sunnydale. Includes both original scenes and those inspired by episodes of the series.
  • Wish Granted by KzintiKiller

    Summary: Jacob gets his fondest wish. A world without magic, vampires, or Edward Cullen. The world in which Bella Swan is free to be his soul mate. Warning: NOT Team Jacob territory.
  • Little Lost Planet by Roeskva

    Summary: After Sam and Kawalsky's mission through the quantum mirror, and the Asgard stopping Apophis, they had all hoped the planet would be safe from the Goa'uld. Unfortunately, Cronus had other plans. Tag to "Point of View". Written for Apocalypse...
  • Te Quedaste by luli27

    Summary: Samantha Carter hears a song, which causes her to examine her feelings for Jack O'Neill. A new job offer makes their dreams possible.
  • Guardian by Roeskva

    Summary: SG-1, Martouf/Lantash, and Jacob/Selmak had managed to escape from their Goa'uld holding cell, but Daniel was still delirious after the drugs he had been given to make him talk. While in this state, he finds a being - half-machine, half-living...
  • Symbiosis by Yvi

    Summary: When Jolinar doesn't die in the Ashrak attack, Sam is faced with a difficult decision. She can trust Jolinar and go to the Tok'ra base with her, hoping that they will be able find a new host, or she can stay at the SGC and trust the NID not to...
  • Deep Trouble by Roeskva

    Summary: When Apophis returned with his ships to take his revenge on the Tau'ri, the only option was escape. Exiled on another planet with a minimum amount of supplies and allies, the plan is still to take back Earth. The only hitch? Their best chance...
  • The Secret Keeper by A. E. Giggle

    Summary: When Bella is alerted to dangerous events unfolding at her old school, Hogwarts, she has no choice but to inform the Cullens of her true, magical identity. To put it simply... she's a Witch.
  • A Matter of Trust by Lilac Moon

    Summary: Padme discovers a conspiracy behind Shmi Skywalker's death. Can she save Ani from the dark side? The shroud of the dark side continues to fall, but love is a ray of light in its darkness. ROTS AU.

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