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  • The Trackers by readingmama

    company. Two beautiful women come in and turn their business upside down. But who is on the level? Set in the 1930's. Edward/Bella James/Victoria
  • Dearest Edward by Leigh Warner

    Summary: Bella writes a letter to Edward to explain everything she has felt for him over the years. This is a story of love and loss.
  • Dark Goddess by Lissa Bryan

    Summary: A free-spirited archaeologist and a shy, absent-minded genius find a 500 year old vampire who thinks she's a goddess. They trying to sneak back to the US, teach her about the modern world, trying very, very hard not to fall in love with the...
  • A Prescription for Love by tufano79

    Summary: Bella Swan works as a nurse at Cook County Hospital in the ER. She's older and desperate for love. It's hindered by her shy personality and plump body. Edward Cullen is hired as a doctor in the ER. Bella is charmed by this new doctor. Edward...
  • A Family Affair by kitchmill

    Summary: An older woman has always been the object of Edward's desire. But age is not the only obstacle in their way. Bella is not only married, her sister is Edward's stepmother. When she needs a shoulder to lean on, will Edward be able to stay away?
  • Creature of Habit by EZRocksAngel

    Summary: Bella begins working for the elusive and distant Edward Cullen who she discovers is hiding behind an elaborate charade to maintain his secret lifestyle. Bella is determined to find out the mysteries of Edward Cullen but with what results?
  • My Hot Mama by addicted-to-romione-bedward

    Summary: Carlisle's dead. What can Bella do with a disobedient teenage Edward? What happens when Edward has feeling for his step-mom? Only time can tell if there's a chance for their relationship and whether it would be socially accepted.
  • Yogurt, water bed and porn essay by addicted-to-romione-bedward

    Summary: Edward manages to spill yogurt on her, they end up paired to write an essay about reproduction and have some fun on her water bed. Bella comes to realize that nerd people are fun. Winner of the Geeky Edward Contest 2010.
  • Love is Stronger than Pride by EdwardsouthernBella

    Summary: Edward and Bella were deeply in love years ago. His family and their career choices tore them apart. She is a belly dancer, and he is a detective. There is a stalker that has an eye on her dancing troupe. Edward fears for her safety and...
  • The Peanut Butter Sandwich Man by readingmama

    Summary: Edward Cullen is a man of routine. When a homeless girl knocks that routine off track, Edward discovers there is more to life.
  • My Love Shall Ever Live Young by starshinedown

    Summary: It took them thirty years to be together again. Now they just have to live happily ever after, right? Right. When the love your life is a god who holds grudges like no one you've ever met and is eyeballs deep in mythological intrigue, a...
  • He's the One by CullensTwiMistress

    Summary: Bella meets Edward in the most unfortunate of circumstances, his own wedding. Will she ever have the chance to get to know him?
  • It Was Always You by CullensTwiMistress

    Summary: This story is far from epic. Boy loves girl; girl is oblivious. In the end will he get the girl?
  • The Man In The Moon by CullensTwiMistress

    Summary: Her Nana had always told her she'd find the peanut butter to her jelly. But she never did find the one, and now she's 29 and still looking for that one - that man that doesn't exist. He's like the man in the moon; a simple fairy tale that will...
  • Magnetic by cupcakeriot

    Summary: Bella Swan—a psychic in the 24th century—becomes a pawn in her father's political games with no way out. But could her newly arranged marriage to a Prince of an alien planet be the cure to her loneliness?
  • Exes and Ohs by Brain in the Gutter

    Summary: When social worker Bella Swan takes a possible abuse call, the last thing she expected to see is the hunky doctor whom she's been secretly panting over to be the one to answer the door. Expanded from one-shot Milk and Cookies.
  • And Yet They Shine by Chicklette

    Summary: Isabella Swan is an ordinary girl, caught up in an extraordinary world. What if the Cullens weren't vampires? What if they were gods instead?
  • The Geheime Vernietiging by amoredjenaue

    Summary: FBI Agent Edward Cullen returns to New York to take down the Draconi crime family. But will his return bring more than he bargained for? Or something he never knew he always wanted? Secret missions, secret love & family secrets abound... and...
  • Tequila Sunrise by 2old4fanfic

    Summary: It started with a Tequila Sunrise and a drunken text to her ex, Jacob. Then came two pink lines on a plastic stick. Now, she's trapped with her stuck up boss in an elevator. He has an outrageous proposal that will solve her need for cash and...
  • For Whom The Bell Tolls by CyraBear

    Summary: There's a dusty old bookstore in Seattle where the proprietor keeps odd hours and knows the location of every book in his stock. What surprises hide in its stacks?

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