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  • Fanfic Relationships

    Demetri/Bella Edward/Bella Edward/Jacob Edward/Jasper Emmett/Rosalie Garrett/Bella

    Vampire Academy

  • Splash! by Nicia

    Summary: Dimitri and Rose's baby's first outing to the swimming pool. Lots of fluff and cuteness. All in Dimitri POV. Written for the Drabble Wars Prompt Challenge #3.
  • Snowstorm of Memories by Rose Melissa Ivashkov

    Summary: A man and his fiance are told she has a limited time to live.
  • Lust & Chocolate by Nicia

    Summary: It was pure pleasure. Stimulating my taste buds and enriching my senses. My stomach tingled in anticipation and my mouth watered. Chocolate, a woman's best friend, next to sex and shopping that is. Lust and chocolate, it's sinfully desirable…
  • Who are you, really? by Nicia

    Summary: Lissa, the daughter of an unknown millionaire. Rose, adopted at birth has trained all her life to protect Lissa. In a world with mistrust, greed and backstabbing on every corner, can Rose and Lissa survive?
  • Thinking of You by Nicia

    Summary: He was one of the top chefs. She, a lowly maid. The year was 1960 as they both worked in the same hotel, seemingly unaware of the other's existence. Destiny brought them together, but fate tore them apart. FAGETASTIC FOUR gift for GSDM Canada.
  • My first, my last, my everything by Nicia

    Summary: Every friendship has its boundaries, or does it? What happens when you realise that the one for you, might just be the one who's been hidden in plain sight the entire time? Written for the FAGE 3some as a gift for Laurie Whitlock.
  • Anger Desire Passion by Nicia

    Summary: "We can't." "I know." But that didn't stop us. Rose and Dimitri's time together in the cabin before the attack.
  • Ten days and a little Luck by Nicia

    Summary: In some ways, being attacked and left for dead was a stroke of luck. Without it, I don't know where I'd be right now. But I do know that I wouldn't have him – Dimitri. My soul mate. My lover.
  • Life Will Turn Around by Nicia

    Summary: Rose, a single mother, who lives a hard life with her three children. What happens when she signs up for night classes and meets the kind Dimitri Belikov? What about when her abusive ex forces his way back into the picture?

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