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  • The Men From the Gate by luli27

    Summary: While attending a military function, Booth and Brennan find two bodies. As a result they're let in on the best kept secret in the world.
  • Two Bodies in Denial by sarramaks

    Summary: Booth and Brennan compete against the weather and other factors to catch a killer before another life is taken, and step out of denial of their feelings.
  • Fanfic Relationships

    Angel/Spike Angel/Willow Angelus/Buffy Angelus/Darla Oz/Buffy Spike/Drusilla Spike/Willow {slider Bones |icon} Booth/Brennan {slider Crossover Relationships |icon} Booth/Buffy {slider Glee |icon} David/Wes {slider Game of Thrones |icon} Jaime/Sansa...

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