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  • Persona by pickamix

    Summary: When Willow did the spell to attach Angel's soul to him at the end of Season 2, there were consequences. The fallout will effect everyone but none more so than Willow and Angel… and strangely later on Spike. How will the gang react? Will this...
  • A Past Not Forgotten by AngelSpike69 and Anamcara420

    Summary: It's been 25 years since the events in the alley. Who survived? Post-NFA, not EU compliant.
  • Fanfic Relationships

    {tab Fandoms A - M} {slider Angel & Buffy the Vampire Slayer |icon |closed} Angel/Buffy Angel/Darla Angel/Spike Angel/Willow Angelus/Buffy Angelus/Darla Oz/Buffy Spike/Drusilla Spike/Willow {slider Bones |icon} Booth/Brennan {slider Crossover...
  • My Childe by sabershadowkat

    Summary: After finding Spike in The Initiative's labs, Buffy sends him to Angel in LA to aid in his recovery and keep him hidden from their enemies.
  • Feral by Gabrielle

    Summary: The spell to send Vampire Willow back to the Wishverse works, but someone else ends up in Sunnydale in her place. *Set in Season Three, starting at the end of Doppelgangland *

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