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  • Damage by indie

    Summary: Buffy is the Slayer trying to live life as a normal recently-graduated young woman. She has plans to go to college, to find love, to make her father and stepmother proud. Most of all, she plans to stay out of trouble. Staying out of trouble...
  • Fanfic Relationships

    {tab Fandoms A - M} {slider Angel & Buffy the Vampire Slayer |icon |closed} Angel/Buffy Angel/Darla Angel/Spike Angel/Willow Angelus/Buffy Angelus/Darla Oz/Buffy Spike/Drusilla Spike/Willow {slider Bones |icon} Booth/Brennan {slider Crossover...
  • Till Death Brings Us Together by Alley Cat

    Summary: Angel's death in yet another averted apocalypse is the final blow for Buffy. She moves to Washington, DC, where she tries to find a way to survive without the other half of her soul. Two months later, a serial killer on the loose brings her...
  • Behind These Eyes by ashes at midnight

    Summary: A vision sends Angel to Sunnydale just in time to prevent the events of the Buffy S4 epi "Who Are You?" Instead of Buffy and Faith swapping bodies, Buffy and Angel swap.
  • Persona by pickamix

    Summary: When Willow did the spell to attach Angel's soul to him at the end of Season 2, there were consequences. The fallout will effect everyone but none more so than Willow and Angel… and strangely later on Spike. How will the gang react? Will this...
  • It's Always You by ashes at midnight

    Summary: When a spell goes wrong, Lorne takes the AI team to Sunnydale. How can Buffy stop the First and deal with this new carefree and guiltless Angel...or should I say Liam! A rewrite of 'Spin the Bottle' with a mix of BtVS s7 and Ats s4.
  • Dreamweaver by frosty600

    Summa r y: Devastated after her trip Los Angeles, Buffy falls prey to the mechanics of a demon. Will she be saved or will she succumb and be lost to the world and those who love her forever? Set during season 4 around Yoko Factor.
  • Flowers on a Razor Wire by alee

    Summary: In the aftermath of Riley's death, Buffy and Angel face an almost unbearable situation.
  • Wishverse by indie

    Summary: What if Cordelia had been granted her wish from a vengeance demon out of her frustration with Angel at the end of the episode “Reunion”? Also, what if in addition to “I wish Buffy Summers had never come to Sunnydale” her wish was “I wish...
  • Love or Something Very Much Like It by frosty600

    Summary: Buffy is attacked one night by a gang of men just outside The Bronze in an alley on her way home. She is saved by a handsome man, who looks after her, before taking her home. And so follows a story of love…or something very much like it.
  • Never Let Me Go by ashes at midnight

    Summary: What happens when Buffy does the unthinkable and follows Angel into hell? Written for the 2013 IWRY Marathon.
  • The Beginning of the End by ashes at midnight

    Summary: What if Booth started remembering his past life as Angel? What does this mean for Buffy, and Booth? A new case, a new Hellmouth and a new set of memories!
  • Dark Chasing the Light by cjsplace

    Summary: Wesley goes to Buffy for help when they lose Angel's soul, at the exact same time the Scoobies kick her out.
  • To One in Paradise by Gabrielle

    Summary: Feeling guilt and loss, Angel changes his mind about going to the monastery and heads to Sunnydale, where Willow and the others are struggling to cope with Buffy's death. Set just after Buffy's death and before Season 6/Season 3.
  • My Childe by sabershadowkat

    Summary: After finding Spike in The Initiative's labs, Buffy sends him to Angel in LA to aid in his recovery and keep him hidden from their enemies.
  • Feral by Gabrielle

    Summary: The spell to send Vampire Willow back to the Wishverse works, but someone else ends up in Sunnydale in her place. *Set in Season Three, starting at the end of Doppelgangland *

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