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TwiSagaLover, Twilight Author

FF Team: What’s your name?


Ms. TwiSagaLover: Tonya Manning


FF Team: Where are you from?


Ms. TwiSagaLover: New Orleans Louisiana


FF Team: How old are you?


Ms. TwiSagaLover: 28


FF Team: How are you?


Ms. TwiSagaLover: I am doing a lot better! Thank you! LOL!


FF Team: What’s your favorite color?


Ms. TwiSagaLover: My favorite color is a tie between hot pink and turquoises blue


FF Team: How’s the weather outside?


Ms. TwiSagaLover: Hot as hell! The air is so thick you can drink the water right out of the air


FF Team: What’s your favorite drink?


Ms. TwiSagaLover: Dr. Pepper


FF Team: What’s your favorite music?


Ms. TwiSagaLover: I like all but I think I am going to have to go with country


FF Teamp: What helps you get in the mood to write and what inspires you?


Ms. TwiSagaLover: Hummmmm.......sometimes it songs some times its movies but mostly its my crazy dreams!


FF Team: What made you start writing fanfiction?


Ms. TwiSagaLover: Well this is going to sound bad but I couldn't find anything to read! I mean every time I started a new fic it was just like the one before it! So I thought what the hell I will just write what I want to read!


FF Team: What’s the first fanfiction story you ever wrote?


Ms. TwiSagaLover: All Because of A Fire


FF Team: What fandoms do you write in?


Ms. TwiSagaLover: Just Twilight


FF Team: Do you write Non-Canon or Canon and why?


Ms. TwiSagaLover: Both!


FF Team: Who’s your favorite character to write and why?


Ms. TwiSagaLover: Hands down Bella! I love to make her everything that I think she wasn't! Don't get me wrong I do love the original but I think I make her better! LOL


FF Team: Tell us a little bit about him/her?


Ms. TwiSagaLover: Ok well I make all my Bella's plus size or at least with a little meat on her! I mean in this day and age there are not too many size 4 girls running around. Then I give her some sass and some southern sweetness to boot!

Oh and she wouldn't take crap from no one!


FF Team: The fans want to hear from you! Tell us a little bit about you and your writing, the feelings you get from it, and how you feel when you get reviews and encouragement! YOU HAVE THE FLOOR HERE!


Ms. TwiSagaLover: Ok well I don't get a lot of reviews and that is ok cuz I know a lot of people don't like non canon. And most only want the story book that they have already read! So I just take my idea and run with it! Reviews be damn! I write because I love too and it makes me happy! But when I do get reviews I get so excited and run to read them! I try my hardest to answer them all back but its hard because I am very busy! I hate angst so I won't write it or read it! So Sorry but that is my hard limit, if ya know what I mean!


FF Team: Where to find her work:

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Thursday, 01 October 2020

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