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TwiAddictAnne, 2015 Picture It Contest

FF Team: How do you feel about the placing?

Judges’ Vote: 2nd Place Story

Public Vote: 2nd place story


Ms. TwiAddictAnne: It always feels to place in a contest ... even if it’s 2nd place between two entries. *Chuckles* Besides, I read the winning entry. That was such a beautiful story ... totally worthy of winning. :)

FF Team: What about the picture inspired the story?


Ms. TwiAddictAnne: That picture just spoke out to me. I was debating whether or not to write for the contest, but the moment I saw it, I knew I had to. :)


In a simple quote, it encompassed the true meaning of life ... how we should live our lives.


FF Team: How long have you been writing?


Ms. TwiAddictAnne: Not very long, I’m afraid. I posted my first fic on 15th February, 2014 ... so a little under two years.


FF Team: What draws you to the fandom/pairing you used?


Ms. TwiAddictAnne: I honestly never thought I’d fall in love with the Twilight Saga. But it happened. I read the books and was hooked ... instantly. Twilight made me fall in love with the idea of love.


As for Edward/Bella pairing, they make me feel like if you truly love someone ... somehow you will be together. It’s just amazing to see them fall in love with each other in so many different scenarios in fanfiction.


FF Team: Tell us a bit about yourself and your writing?


Ms. TwiAddictAnne: Well, I’m from a little country called Bangladesh in south-east Asia. I’m a pharmacist by profession. English isn’t my first language. So my writing is more than a little clumsy, but I’m always trying to improve.


Up until a few years ago, writing and putting my stories out there for the whole world to see wasn’t something I had even dared to dream about. Finally, in 2014, I gave in to the urge and posted my first fanfic. So far, I’ve written 27 stories—mostly one-shots, but with a couple of full length fics in there as well.

FF Team: Would you enter in any other contest we hold?


Ms. TwiAddictAnne: Of course. I love the challenge. So if I’m able to, I’d love to enter any other contest you hold in the future.


FF Team: Would you recommend the page to a friend?


Ms. TwiAddictAnne: Absolutely. I’ve found some great fic recs through Fanatic Fanfics. So I’d definitely recommend my friends to visit your page. :)

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