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staceleo, Author

FF Team: For the record and the fans, what's your name?


Ms. Stace Leo: staceleo


FF Team: How long have you been writing?


Ms. Stace Leo: was when my son was still a baby so about 4 years.


FF Team: What inspires you to write?


Ms. Stace Leo: Pictures, songs, something odd that I hear someone say, to name a few things. Honestly, I have about ten stories running through my head at all times. It's been that way since I was little, but I used to draw them instead of writing them out.


FF Team: I know some writers don't really care if they receive reviews as long as they have readers, but how do you feel when you get a review?


Ms. Stace Leo: Panicked. It's frightening to put yourself out there. To get a critical review is tough. Sometimes they can be helpful, but other times you can see that a person just wants to be cruel.

These are free stories. Many of us write these things for fun. We stay up too late and have to deal with family members not understanding why we write. It's not easy.


FF Team: Most writers have something playing in the background when they write, what is the one thing that you have playing while you write? 


Ms. Stace Leo: I'll have to admit that it is TV sitcoms like 30 Rock or Golden Girls. I write late at night, so it's that or infomercials. 

Occasionally, I'll listen to music. Pearl Jam has been artist I've been listening to the most, but I'm all over the place.


FF Team: What pairings do you enjoy writing and why?


Ms. Stace Leo: I write Bella and Edward mostly. I like taking them as far away from canon as I can. I also like to write Garrett and Bella.


FF Team: What pairings do you absolutely REFUSE to write and why?


Ms. Stace Leo: Bella and Aro. That is just nasty.


FF Team: Canon or Non Canon?


Ms. Stace Leo: Both


FF Team: Tell us about you and your writing...this is where you have the floor!


Ms. Stace Leo: I'm a comedy girl who really likes horror. I try to write all types of things, which is a mixed bag of results. I think the important thing is to explore all genres, because it makes your mind more flexible.

I love romance, but I like things to either be equal or more female empowered. I want Bella to be the heroine and not a damsel in distress. I reread Twilight recently and this second time around I realized that I hated the way Edward spoke to Bella in some chapters. I'm a mother to a little girl and I want her to be strong and not needing to be with a man for validation. Instead, I want her to read about female characters that if they find love that it comes from a place that doesn't hinder them from discovering the best person that they can be. I try to write my Bellas like that. Actually, I usually, but not always, write Bellas to get a laugh.


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Monday, 28 September 2020

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