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MinaRivera, Twilight and Vampire Academy Author

FF Team: What’s your name?


Ms. Mina: My full name is too long, so just call me Mina.


FF Team: Where are you from?


Ms. Mina: Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America


FF Team: How are you?


Ms. Mina: I’m okay, thanks.


FF Team: What’s your favorite color?


Ms. Mina: Greens, blues, and purples.


FF Team: How’s the weather outside?


Ms. Mina: Hot as hell and as humid as a sauna, but luckily at night it cools a bit, and sometimes we are blessed with the rain.


FF Team: What’s your favorite drink?


Ms. Mina: With or without alcohol? LOL My day-to-day drink is Coke or coffee, depending on the weather. And for gatherings and dinner I prefer a nice glass of red wine or sangria.


FF Team: What’s your favorite music?


Ms. Mina: I listen to all types of music, don’t really have a favorite genre.


FF Team: What helps you get in the mood to write?


Ms. Mina: Silence and a cold tall glass of coke.


FF Team: What inspires you to write?


Ms. Mina: Many things. It can be a movie, a book, a song, something that happened to me.


FF Team: What made you start writing fanfiction?


Ms. Mina: I wanted to try my hand at writing in English, and I have learned a LOT over the years thanks to taking that plunge. I’ve been blessed with great betas and pre-readers that have advised me and taught me so much. I’ll be forever thankful for their help.


FF Team: What’s the first fanfiction story you ever wrote?

Ms. Mina: A tragic one-shot that was part of a contest. I was sobbing at the end of it. It’s titled Kyrie Eleison, but I must warn that it doesn’t have a happy ending.


FF Team: What fandoms do you write in?


Ms. Mina: Twilight and Vampire Academy. I have a Hunger Games one-shot in the workings as well.


FF Team: Do you write Non-Canon or Canon and why?


Ms. Mina: Both, and why not? There are so many characters to draw inspiration, why not mix them up? Especially between the sheets ;)


FF Team: Who’s your favorite character to write and why?


Ms. Mina: Since I have written mostly Twilight fanfiction, I gotta go with Carlisle.


FF Team: Tell us a little bit about him/her?


Ms. Mina: It's so much fun to write him in different environments and positions. I tend to focus too much on him, which is why he’s sometimes dead in my E/B fics! LOL

FF Team: The fans want to hear from you! Tell us a little bit about you and your writing, the feelings you get from it, and how you feel when you get reviews and encouragement! YOU HAVE THE FLOOR HERE!


Ms. Mina: I write when the inspiration strikes, or I get an idea I can’t shake off. Like I said, I draw my inspiration from something I have read, seen, listened or experienced. There is nothing like the feeling of giving life to a character that have lived inside your head for a while. When I was little, I used to tell myself bedtime stories, and now I get to write them, and in a different language than my own! But the writing is essentially for me, it’s an outlet away from numbers and computer language (I’m a computer engineering major) and a break from the routine. The response from readers is a bonus. I can take anything, and I love it when I get constructive criticism, in fact, that’s how I found my pre-reader Salanna! The only downside are the nasty guest reviews, but I can easily shake those off after venting a little. The support members of the fandom have given me has been indescribable, and the friendships I have form are invaluable. I will always cherish each and every person that has touched me thanks to writing fan fiction.








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You can check out the banners and covers I've made there, and find as well the link to the request form.

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GemmaH, Twilight Author

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