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LadyAngel, Twilight Author

FF Team: What’s your name?


Ms. LadyAngel: Angel McCarty


FF Team: Where are you from?


Ms. LadyAngel: Originally from Louisiana currently in Florida


FF Team: How are you?


Ms. LadyAngel: Good


FF Team: What’s your favorite color?


Ms. LadyAngel: Red, Black, and Purple


FF Team: How’s the weather outside?


Ms. LadyAngel: Hot


FF Team: What’s your favorite drink?


Ms. LadyAngel: Non-Alcoholic: Dr. PepperAlcoholic: White Russian on the rocks


FF Team: What’s your favorite music?


Ms. LadyAngel: Rock, some Metal, Country when I’m in the mood


FF Team: What helps you get in the mood to write?


Ms. LadyAngel: Music most of the time


FF Team: What inspires you to write?


Ms. LadyAngel: Usually reading others’ works, makes me want to get out and do something of my own


FF Team: What made you start writing fanfiction?


Ms. LadyAngel: Different ideas in my head, how I could do the characters different


FF Team: What’s the first fanfiction story you ever wrote?


Ms. LadyAngel: The first one I ever wrote was for Ever After, never finished it though, lost interest


FF Team: What fandoms do you write in?


Ms. LadyAngel: Just Twilight


FF Team: Do you write Non-Canon or Canon and why?


Ms. LadyAngel: Mostly Canon, because I just can’t break up the two main characters and some of the other ones, just not in me, and when I write non-canon it’s just one character I replace


FF Team: Who’s your favorite character to write and why?


Ms. LadyAngel: Bella and Edward but I am favoring Emmett and Marie (an OC)


FF Team: Tell us a little bit about him/her?


Ms. LadyAngel: Marie is a 16yr old girl who is scared and pregnant. She lost her dad at a young age, then her mother turned heartless and after learning that the one guy she thought liked her was just trying to get her in bed, she left after finding out she was pregnant.


FF Team: The fans want to hear from you! Tell us a little bit about you and your writing, the feelings you get from it, and how you feel when you get reviews and encouragement! YOU HAVE THE FLOOR HERE!


Ms. LadyAngel: My writing is just stuff that comes from my head, how I see where things could be changed. Some of my stories I’ve had dreams about, others have just jumped into my head demanding to be heard.

As for me, I am just a simple type of girl, I love to read, I have always been a big reader.

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Thursday, 01 October 2020

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