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Kessafan, 2015 Picture It Contest

FF Team: How do you feel about the placing?

Judges’’ Vote: 1st Place Story

Public Vote: 1st place story


Ms. Fanfiction: I was really happy.  I've entered a few one-shot stories before but I've never had quite the response I did with this story.  So to see so many people vote for it was a wonderful feeling.


FF Team: What about the picture inspired the story?


Ms. Fanfiction: Well, I did a quick scan over the four different pics and tried to imagine what I could write for each, but my eyes kept going back to the picture of the starfish.  So, I clicked on it and just stared.  It didn't take long before a scene played out in my head of Bella reaching down to the starfish with tears in her eyes and I felt that Edward was watching, feeling his chest ache in response... From there, it developed pretty quickly. So if I had to say any one thing, it was the starfish itself that inspired me…


FF Team: How long have you been writing?


Ms. Fanfiction: I've been writing stories since about 2009, I think. I started writing Vampire Academy fanfic, but then one day, I had a Twilight story pop into my head and had to get it down.  Unfortunately, with my last child finishing school last year, I'm now working as well as living on large acreage and Mum to a lot of animals, so writing time isn't as easy to find these days.


Of all the stories I've written so far, I've found the ones that come from some sort of inspiration, like that picture or from a song I've been listening to, are the ones that just... flow!  Others that have come from an idea tend to be longer, and at times more frustrating.


FF Team: What draws you to the fandom/pairing you used?


Ms. Fanfiction: Hmmm... not sure how to answer that!  :) I have a few favourite characters in the Twilight story, Edward being at the top of that list--hehehe--but I think the story of two 'people' who are destined for each other and come together the way that E&B did... it just makes the romantic me feel that things will happen, good and bad, when they're meant to... I think that is what draws me to those two characters.  I hope that made sense…


FF Team: Tell us a bit about yourself and your writing?


Ms. Fanfiction: Well, I'm a born and bred Aussie and I'll be celebrating my 27th wedding anniversary in November. I've known my hubby since I was 8 yrs old, though we didn't get together until I was 17. We have two grown sons, whom I adore, and we live on large acreage in the state of Queensland. We have dogs, cats, horses, chickens, and snakes as pets... Well, I should say that I have them as pets... hehehe. I've always been an avid reader, and until I read Twilight (after the movie came out), I'd never read anything even remotely 'fantasy'. After that... I was hooked. I also never thought I was capable of writing anything, but here I am... :) I'm also an artist and photographer, so creating something is part of my soul, so I shouldn't have been too surprised I suppose!  hehehe


FF Team: Would you enter in any other contest we hold?


Ms. Fanfiction: Yes, I most certainly would. I really enjoyed writing my story, and of the few contests I've done, I've found that I'm somewhat forced to 'expand my horizons' as far as content goes, if that makes sense.  I did this with writing “Just To See You Smile” in the past tense, which is something I've never done before.


So, I feel that it's making me improve my skill every time.


FF Team: Would you recommend the page to a friend?


Ms. Fanfiction: I've already recommended the group page, so it's an easy yes to your question!

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