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heartoftwilight, 2015 Picture It Contest

FF Team: How do you feel about the placing?

Judges’ Vote: 1st place banner


Ms. heartoftwilight: I was really shocked.  This was the first time I had done a banner contest.  This banner was different because I went with something other than the obvious and went with the meanings I found behind the picture.


FF Team: What about the picture inspired you to design the banner?


Ms. heartoftwilight: I am a very visual person.  I try to look at a picture and let it speak to me.  So when I am designing the banners I try to let the same words come through what I design.


FF Team: How long have you been designing banners?


Ms. heartoftwilight: Only a few months.  But I have been working with pictures since 1983.


FF Team: What draws you to the fandom/pairing you used?


Ms. heartoftwilight: Well, like my name suggests, I love Twilight.  Edward and Bella pairings are my favorite, but I also love to do banners with other pairings.


FF Team: Would you enter in any other contest we hold?


Ms. heartoftwilight: Of course.


FF Team: Tell us a bit about yourself and your designs?


Ms. heartoftwilight: I am happily married woman, with three grown children.  I started designing my banners for my own stories and then the word got out and I have been designing for other wonderful authors in the fandom.  I have recently been asked to make banners for published authors, which I was so shocked over.


I have a production group for all my banners and manips and is open for all those over the age of 18 to join.


I have had several authors see my work and ask to use them in their stories.  I am more than happy to do that as long as my watermark stays with the work.


Well, I have a manip that was taken, my name removed, and it is all over the web.


FF Team: Would you recommend the page to a friend?


Ms. heartoftwilight: Yes!

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Sunday, 20 September 2020

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