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Falling Stars, 2015 Picture It Contest

FF Team: How do you feel about the placing?

Judges’ Vote: 2nd and 3rd Place Banners

Public Vote: 1st and 2nd place banners

Ms. Stars: Excited! I don't win often and it's simply exciting! Couldn't sit still, as you may know of my eagerness to see the winners. lol

FF Team: What about the picture inspired you to design the banners?

Ms. Stars: Now that was hard. I wasn't inspired by the pictures much, but I needed something to do and just picked and chose what ones to do that seemed better than the others. So I chose the sunset one and the Mark Twain quote.

FF Team: How long have you been designing banners?

Ms. Stars: Oh well... That’s hard to say. A while? since before 09' at least, but I do not speak of those disasters at all...I think the first banner I made was for my story Australia... *cringes*

FF Team: What draws you to the fandom/pairing you chose?

Ms. Stars: Well Kol/Bella was easy. I simply love them, and well, the non-canon ones I chose because people tend to like Bella/Garrett and Bella/Jasper... That and I needed to throw in some diversity, too much canon is a bore.

FF Team: Tell us a bit about yourself and your designs?

Ms. Stars: Oh, that's an open question. What do you wanna know specifically?

FF Team: No specifics :)  anything you'd like the readers/authors/etc to know.

Ms. Stars: Ohhh, well, there is a lot... lol... I'm an introvert, so a hermit pretty much. My attention span to my stories shifts and changes completely... Like right now, as I answer these, I'm writing another chapter or fraction for Dragon Heart when not a month ago I was writing constantly for TU... The same goes for my work. In my banners I tend to use the same style as it's nice and smooth, but I shift and use different or new layerings or colours, but so far I've been using the same colouring style.

FF Team: Wow! That's kind of a could thing, though, right? Multitasking is a gift. At least someone has the mojo to write :D

Ms. Stars: Good thing, yes, but the DH chapter I'm writing is at the END of the story. lol

FF Team: Would you enter in any other contest we hold?

Ms. Stars Sure. I did your Christmas one last year, I think? If I remember correctly, but I'll be unable to do it this year.

FF Team: Yeah, you did enter :) We've kind of changed it this year. It's not strictly for Christmas.

Ms. Stars: lol Yeah, I meant time wise though... I won't be able to due to time wise.

FF Team: Would you recommend the page to a friend?

Ms. Stars: Sure, of course.

FF Team: We love to hear that! That tells us that we're doing our jobs!

Ms. Stars: lol Always the best.

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Thursday, 01 October 2020

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