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Dinia Steel, Twilight Author

FF Team: What’s your name?


Ms. Steel: Dinia Steel


FF Team: Where are you from?


Ms. Steel: Originally from Texas, but for the last 20 years I’ve been in Mobile, AL


FF Team: How are you?


Ms. Steel: I’m fine. How are you?


FF Team: I’m good just work keeping me the usual :) What’s your favorite color?


Ms. Steel: It’s colors for me - Orange and Yellow


FF Team: How’s the weather outside?


Ms. Steel: Right now it’s hot and muggy


FF Team: What’s your favorite drink?


Ms. Steel: Soft Drink is Dr. Pepper and Sweet Tea, Hard stuff would be Margarita on the rocks with salt!


FF Team: What’s your favorite music?


Ms. Steel: I’m eclectic in my tastes from Head banging rock, to classical. I write to Game of Thrones soundtrack and Jesse Cook’s. I love classic rock too.


FF Team: What helps you get in the mood to write?


Ms. Steel: I don’t know. Most of the time I just sit down and start writing and hope the characters will talk to me. People think I’m kidding when I say I’m just the typist.


FF Team: What inspires you to write?


Ms. Steel: Lots of stuff. I love the occult and supernatural themes. I guess I just have a bent mind.


FF Team: What made you start writing fanfiction?


Ms. Steel: That’s kind of a long story. I went with 3 other ladies to a premiere of Breaking Dawn 1 and of course we talked about our favorite subject, Twilight. 2 of these ladies beta'd for a writer who has since moved on from Fan Fiction. They got me thinking. My best friend’s husband was already writing and publishing and I started talking to him about it. One thing lead to another and Dinia Steel was born, and as far as I know I’m the oldest Twilight fan on the internet. :)


FF Team: What’s the first fanfiction story you ever wrote?


Ms. Steel: My very first attempt at the popular BDSM theme. Now, understand all I knew about BDSM was what I’d read in several of the popular stories on andthe ever popular Master of the Universe and the Submssive Trillogy. So, I did many hours of research on the internet and did actual interviews with Doms and a couple of submissives. Frankly what they told me scared me, especially when one of the Doms I was interviewing kept telling me I was a natural submissive and should let him be my Dom. Boy, did he have a wrong number! Not a submissive bone in this old body! Anyway I got some good little stories I could use and embarked into the scary world of BDSM. My story, how ever, left out the SM part. Just couldn’t bring myself to write that then. I have nothing against anyone who is brave enough to enter into the World, it’s just not my cuppa tea.


FF Team: What fandoms do you write in?


Ms. Steel: Is there any other fandom besides Twilight?


FF Team: Do you write Non-Canon or Canon and why?


Ms. Steel: I’ve gotten away from canon, but run home to it occasionally.


FF Team: Who’s your favorite character to write and why?


Ms. Steel: That should be in the plural and those would be Bella and Edward. I can’t do any other couple. Their romance pulled me into this crazy world and they’re stuck with me.


FF Team: Tell us a little bit about him/her?


Ms. Steel: Bella, hum. I see her as being a strong woman and sometimes even possibly evil. Evil is so much more fun to write than the goody-two-shoes Bella. Edward is every woman’s wet dream and I haven’t been able to write a bad Edward, but I’ll be doing that one of these days.


FF Team: The fans want to hear from you! Tell us a little bit about you and your writing, the feelings you get from it, and how you feel when you get reviews and encouragement! YOU HAVE THE FLOOR HERE!


Ms. Steel: Ok to begin with, I’ll be 72 my next birthday and I have been married to my 4th husband for over 20 years - I think I’m stuck with this one. I have one child, who’s not really a child anymore, who’s blessed me with 3 beautiful grandchildren, who can do no wrong!


When I was working I was an accountant, even though my degree was in psychology, with a minor in anthropology.


My husband, Harry, before he retired, was an electrical design engineer and he traveled all over the world. He was even written up in the Congressional records for his contribution in the building of the drive train for the landing craft used by the US Marine Corps.


My interest in all matter metaphysical and occult brought me to study just about every type of religion in the world and the love of everything weird and wonderful.


My writing? Well, I was always telling Harry when watching a movie who do it and never being wrong. He told me you should write that stuff and make the money. *grins* I love writing things that are a little strange, or a whole lot strange. When the characters agree with what I want to write I feel like queen of the mountain, and when they have left the building I get depressed! I love the review process because it gives me a chance to really connect with my readers, and I love that. I’ve made so many good friends that way. I have some very staunch supports and I so appreciate them, words can not express. I can never say thank you enough.


FF Team: Where to find her work:



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Wednesday, 12 August 2020

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